Murena provides services to a strong Network in whole Delhi & NCR. Today as we have a good position in market so we have built a lot of links with business comes in touch of us as DJ sounds, Tent Houses, Decorations and Photography etc. We provide full catering service in various events and occasions as

Famous Murena Caterers
(25 Years Experience )

आपकी आवशकता और बजट के अनुसार हम आपको सही और उत्तम भोजन का प्रबंध करवाने का पूरा अनुभव रखतें हैं! जो आपके घर या ऑफिस के किसी भी प्रोग्राम के सटीक बैठती हो! एक बार मौका जरूर दें!

प्रसिद्ध मुरेना का मेनू

Download Menu Hindi Version हमारे सभी नए मेनू की आइटम देसी घी में बनायीं जाती हैं !

Famous Murena Menu

Download Menu Hindi Version We cooked all in Desi Ghee, Hygienic and Healthy
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Our professional planning staff will work with you to explore and select a menu that delights the palate, while fitting comfortably into your theme and budget.

Our Services

Murena Cater For


Murena Catering is dedicated to providing the best food and the highest level of service so that you can fully enjoy your wedding.


Murena Caterers specializes in receptions catering by providing cocktail snacks, starters, an evening meal and desserts. We take care of any other service


Murena Caterers can arrange parties for any number of guests and any occasion; birthdays, office parties, exhibitions, etc.

Outdoor Parties

We provide a completely comprehensive outdoor catering service including a various range of foods and drinks. Our outdoor catering service is available in any area of Delhi & Delhi NCR.

Religious Functions

No occasion is complete without a rich, delicious and healthy food. Murena Caterers, today, is amongst the leading vegetarian caterers in India

Corporate Catering

Murena Caterers is capable of providing nice caterer service for a well-equipped meeting or conference rooms or a place for any type of formal or informal functions.

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